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When I was 18 my father handed me a Nikon and told me to get in the car. We drove through sleepy little Iowa towns and down winding gravel roads. He started me on what will be a life long journey of seeing the world through the lens of my camera.

To me photography is an art. The art of capturing a moment or a natural expression is what I love to do. I will give you direction and then find your personality within that pose.

What I see through my lens is no different than what you see every day - the only difference is I have the ability to stop time and provide you with those memories.

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Welcome them home

Welcome them home

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project 365 Day 18, Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Ok, it is not water... but a form there of. Does that count? 

i LURVE me some Andes mints. 

OK OK this is my tongue in cheek version of crowded. I was actually slightly annoyed this farmer was 'in my way' ... and then I thought about what a beautiful scene it was, and took out my camera. 

This little lovey is a favorite (still) of my five year old. 

We have some breathtaking sunsets out my back door some nights. 


Danelle said...

Great shots! Love your intepretation of crowded. :) And thank you for reminding me that I have a bag of Andes mints hidden somewhere in the house!

Anonymous said...

OK, your crowded shot had me rolling. He was in front of me earlier this week. Terrific set for this week's hunt.

Katie said...

I also love...and I mean LOVE...Andes Mints. {drool!} And I'm loving your country scene, too - reminds me of home. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing that you were able to capture those snowflakes for the first shot. And your are correct - that sunset is pretty breath-taking.

Ida said...

Great series.
Your Crowded was a lovely scene and did make me chuckle from your explanation.
Chocolate - We were thinking alike but I used a different candy, both are yummy.
Animal - So Cute
Light - Very Pretty
Water - This was my favorite of your set. Just wonderful.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - I really love crowded and light.

Holly said...

I really love each of these pictures. Especially beautiful!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I just love Andes mints- yum!!

Sara said...

Great set, "chocolate" sounds so good, I've never had those before but I love mint chocolates! Love "light', gorgeous!

homeschoolceo said...

Wow, great work ;)

BF said...

Love these shots, and "lurve" that you used the word "lurve". It's become quite normal for me and a friend of mine to sing songs using that word instead of the other. Haha, nice set this week!

jen@ living a full life said...

I live in a rural area and I totally get how those large implements crowded the road. Great interpretation.