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When I was 18 my father handed me a Nikon and told me to get in the car. We drove through sleepy little Iowa towns and down winding gravel roads. He started me on what will be a life long journey of seeing the world through the lens of my camera.

To me photography is an art. The art of capturing a moment or a natural expression is what I love to do. I will give you direction and then find your personality within that pose.

What I see through my lens is no different than what you see every day - the only difference is I have the ability to stop time and provide you with those memories.

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Welcome them home

Welcome them home

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 89 Not going to smile


texwisgirl said...

but if you look in his eyes, it sure seems like he wants to. :)

Janet said...

Agree with texwisgirl. He's such a cutie!

Katherine said...

Oh man- adorable! What a sweet little guy!

Danelle said...

Still cute, even if he won't smile! Actually, most kids (including mine) have pretty goofy posed smiles at this age so I think this is better. :)

Tara said...

Aw, this is such a cute capture!

Brandi said...

He is so cute...and such a stinker if he's anything like Marlee! She will smile all day til I get the camera out...

Flower Photography said...

Mr Serious :-)