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When I was 18 my father handed me a Nikon and told me to get in the car. We drove through sleepy little Iowa towns and down winding gravel roads. He started me on what will be a life long journey of seeing the world through the lens of my camera.

To me photography is an art. The art of capturing a moment or a natural expression is what I love to do. I will give you direction and then find your personality within that pose.

What I see through my lens is no different than what you see every day - the only difference is I have the ability to stop time and provide you with those memories.

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Welcome them home

Welcome them home

Thursday, August 26, 2010

who am I to pass up a challenge?

I came across a new photo 'challenge' through a blog I read and thought I would participate....

Besides, the only thing I like better then taking pictures is editing them.

This is Brent Riggs original photo that he took and asked others to edit:

This is my edit:

Very rarely do I take a photo that I do not at the very least crop, adjust the exposure, or tweak the lighting. I did all of those things with this one (and a few more). Since all I had at my fingertips for editing was Picnik, I used it!
Head over to Brent Riggs blog to have some editing fun and get some quick tips from him in the process!


Ashley Sisk said...

This is an interesting edit in that you've changed the mood here. Very creative.

Bethany said...

Hi! :)
I like how you did this edit. It made the picture look if the sun had almost set or maybe a storm was brewing...

Sweet Joni said...

Good job editing! :)

Katie said... Ashley's moody! I like it!!!